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Proud Lion is the name of two shops in Cheltenham - Gloucestershire's premier comic shop and Proud Lion Gaming, a friendly local gaming centre. Both shops are owned and operated by PL Horizons Ltd.

Proud Lion was founded by Ben Fardon (Managing Director) in 2008. Ben has been a comic collector since he was young, with his early interests including Iron Man, Transformers, Batman Knightfall and Claremont & Lee's X-Men. After working in comic book retail for several years, he decided it was time to open his own shop in the heart of Cheltenham. Proud Lion celebrated its grand opening on Free Comic Book Day in 2008, and has been a hub for fans of both mainstream and indie comics ever since.

In recent years, Proud Lion has grown to become a family business, with Ben's partner Rae Hurley coming on board to expand gaming in the shop. She fell in love with board games with the discovery of Small World, and has been an avid gamer ever since. Now she regularly runs demo days, open play nights, RPG sessions, and tournaments to encourage other gamers to share her obsession.

In 2017, Proud Lion split into two stores - a comic shop and a friendly local gaming centre. Ben has continued to manage the comic shop, with Rae stepping into the new role as manager and host at the FLGC.