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Bloodborne Game Night

Bloodborne Game Night

  • £5.00

Please note there is an additional £1 charge to bring food into the Proud Lion Gaming Centre.
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Hunters are always finding new dangerous monsters within the Chalice Dungeon. In the Bloodborne: The Card Game Game Night Kit, they will have to face off against the Moon Presence. This vile boss punishes the weak, so you better be prepared...

*What You Need*
Nothing, all games and play materials will be provided - just turn up and play!

*How It Works*
This is an open event, and players can join in any time to take part, though we do recommend arriving as close to the start time as possible so you can jump into a new game straight away.

Each game supports up to 5 players, and we will have space for up to 20 players. Players will be grouped together to fill games wherever possible!

    *What You Get*
    Every player will receive a Tarot-Sized Boss Card and a 3-piece set of Trophy Tokens. Half of players attending will be randomly selected to receive an exclusive First Player Figure. Up to 3 randomly selected players will receive a Bloodborne: The Card Game Playmat!

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