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Posted by Ben Fardon on

Collector-friendly steps to bring you a great product.

We already bag all of our new comics and bag and board all of our more expensive variants, and it has occurred to us we should do the same for our POP! Vinyl. From this point forth all of our new standard-sized POP! figures will be packaged in Ultimate Guard Protective Cases, keeping them safe and ensuring that any price stickers, etc aren't on the actual packaging for you.

These items will be slightly more expensive to cover the cost of these cases, but much like you can request your comics to be bag-free to save 5p per issue, we can remove the case at the till point for you and deduct £1 from the total per POP! figure (in store only, not available online at this time).

If this is successful, we will expand this initiative to cover some of the larger POP! boxes as well.

At some point in the near future we'll also have the individual Ultimate Guard Protective Cases available to buy for any of your existing collection.

We've taken these steps in response to feedback from valued customers, so please do reach out if you have anything you'd like to see us change or improve in either store. Many thanks!

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