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2019 Gaming Challenge: Game A Month!

Posted by Rae Hurley on

Proud Lion Gaming is taking on a challenge this year to learn and play at least one new game every month for 2019! Our goal is to spend more time getting games to the table, including many of those that are sitting on the shelf still in their plastic wrap. Here are the rules:

  • The game we play must be new to us - meaning we haven't learned the rules or played it previously.
  • Expansions to games we've already played don't count, even if they add new rules to the game.
  • The new game has to be played within the calendar month. No jumping ahead, no catching up later!
  • At least half of our new games this year should come from our own collection of games we own but have never played (or in some instances, even opened).
  • We can of course play more than one new game in a month, but this won't count toward future months.

We've repurposed the pinboard by the door for this challenge, and will be posting up about the new game(s) we play. Keep an eye out on social media for updates about what we've played and what we thought of those games.

We would also like to invite you all in on the challenge as well! Feel free to add notes or pictures of your new game a month on our pinboard in store. You can also share on social media! We'll be using the hashtag #2019GameAMonth, so go ahead and use it too, and let us know what new games you've gotten to the table each month.

Here's to a year of fantastic gaming - we hope you have many new gaming experiences to come!

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